About Us

About Us


Sage Allen Consulting Group is a leader in technology audits, consulting, and boutique advisory services with specialization in terrestrial and wireless voice, data, and cloud services. Sage Allen has been created with a purpose to fulfill the gap of today’s busy IT departments by helping organizations with cost containment, inventories, strategy, interoperability, and change management through our comprehensive landscape of service offerings.

Our experts have decades of experience dealing with the complexities of service providers negotiations, product portfolios, migrations, billing, promotions, and internal procedures, and our network of vast resources enable us to assist with project planning, design engineering, project management, and post installation support. We’ve taken our years of expertise, and are committed to sharing our wisdom through client engagements.


While not necessarily intentional, there seems to be a consistent disconnect between IT service expectations and vendor promises; one is pushing product and solutions to a segment of IT or a business unit in a promise to fill a gap needed,  and the other is typically looking for help to solve a business unit problem. Sometimes the two meet at an intersection, but many times they cross at a place where time, resources, and money are spent, but the problem remains.

We recognized a business need to assist organizations in navigating the muddy waters of service provider products and services through a baseline of audits, strategic planning, and ongoing staff support. By doing this, we could help our clients gain a competitive edge!


  1. Integrity in EVERYTHING we do
  2. Clients ALWAYS come first; be a “client advocate”
  3. Stretch the circle wider and give to the community in which we live
  4. Live balanced in all aspects of life
  5. Adapt to change and be in the moment
  6. Have a positive attitude
  7. Celebrate the differences in people