The Process

The Process

Communications technology is fluid as are many of the service providers in the industry. Whether driven by technological progress or industry consolidation, it is a moving target that can distract IT from its core objectives. Allow Sage Allen Consulting Group to keep those distractions at bay so you can focus on the outcome, not the process.

Sage Allen Consulting Group can help in three ways:

Audits, Consulting, and Advisory

Audit: At the core of Sage Allen Consulting Group’s service offerings is the telecommunications, technology, and network infrastructure audit. The audit provides a baseline of services and generates additional discussion about inventories, erroneous billing, infrastructure design problems, cost containment strategies, potentials for subsidies, and other notable discussions regarding targeted areas of concern. The total time of completion varies and is dependent on the client size and number of locations.

Consulting: In many engagements, our clients are good candidates for additional consulting services. The audit will likely have a number of recommendations that will require a remedy. We have staff that can take the onus off of our client staff resources. The end result is Sage Allen Consulting Group taking ownership for some, most, or all of the remedy recommendations so that our client’s staff can focus on supporting their end users. Our advisors will talk you through your options to better understand if your organization is a good candidate for staff augmentation.

Advisory: Need assistance with strategy, interoperability, or service provider recommendations. Sage Allen Consulting Group will assess your needs and make recommendations based on your current needs and future state.