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Save Time Sourcing Solutions Using a Professional Advisor

Many businesses have used a TEM service, a Managed Services Provider, or other technology distributors when it comes to sourcing vendor services. Still some businesses have not  because they may not be familiar with this as an option, and/or don’t know the advantages of working with an organization that can assist with advising and sourcing of technology services.

Benefits of working with a good advisory service should include:

A customer centric approach to vendor solutions; project management and post installation support resources; a well-rounded client list proving a history of using best practices to achieve positive customer outcomes; vendor agnostic recommendations, and extremely low account team turnover  resulting in continuity of history on customer accounts.

Why Sage Allen Consulting Group as an advisor:

Where Sage Allen Consulting Group excels as a boutique advisory is the added steps taken to dive deeper into vendor resources to identify the “right” solution for our clients. We find that many of the competitors rely on the path of least resistance in suggesting vendor solutions. At Sage Allen Consulting Group, we’ve invested into resources that allow for us to push deeper and wider into various vendor solutions allowing us to find the right solution at the best cost; not “a” solution that happens to fit the requirement.

In fact, when  we asked a group of clients what they like best about working with Sage Allen Consulting Group as a technology advisor the answer was simple-“time” . All customers surveyed mentioned they appreciated the time Sage Allen Consulting Group saved  them searching  for solutions that would have otherwise taken resources away from important day-to-day activities. A close second is the continuity of account support that they experienced. This was in stark contrast to service providers annual account team turnover that they had experienced prior.

What you should look for in working with an advisor:

Depending on your companies requirements  Sage Allen Consulting Group suggest asking the following questions when researching companies to assist with sourcing vendors:

  • Does your organization provide support with project management; post installation billing/repair, and adds/moves/changes?


  • Does your organization have liability insurance?


  • Do you have customers in our industry that we can reference regarding the recommendations?


  • Will you be sourcing at least (3) quotes from the vendors along with a recommended vendor/solution to compare and contrast?


  • Do you offer design, engineering, best practice around contract verbiage, and inventory management support if needed?